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Shout out and a huge thank you to Mike Naddeo Photography and his team for all the beautiful pictures and for capturing one of the most special days of my life! You are amazing and you guys were so helpful with everything over and beyond just taking pictures so thank you so much!

-Kaylia Gadany, Happy Bride

I hate photos of myself – with the single exception of my gorgeous wedding photos. We couldn’t be happier. Mike and his crew were fan-freaking-tastic. He captured EVERY. SINGLE. GUEST – in one photo! Who does that?! This guy does. They even set up a monitor so everyone could see some of the pre-reception photos before dinner. Our photos, and their photographers, were the best part of the experience for us.

-Becky Morningstar, Happy Bride

Exceptional! Mike and his team captured our wedding day exactly as we had wished for. They arrived on time and 'took charge' by actually taking away stress from our day instead of adding it. Mike, along with the keen eye of his assistant, Nelson, were able to portray our wedding party exactly as we all felt. Comfortable, relaxed, happy. Mike's lovely wife, Sara, was also on site directing, positioning, bustling, and 'fluffing', making sure no detail went unnoticed. If you are considering Mike and his team to capture your special day, we HIGHLY recommend him. Us, our wedding party and even several of our guests are beyond impressed.

-Kristen Dennis, Happy Bride

Mike, James, and Sara surpassed my expectations for our recent wedding. All three of them are not only professional but also very friendly people to be around on your wedding day. They made the entire process fun and exciting! They are quick to get the perfect shot and not waste any time. Sara is always on top of making sure that everything is perfect. If your dress needs fluffed or you need a blanket to sit, on she is right there to help! Mike & Nelson work very well together as a team. They each knew where to be at the right time to capture that perfect moment. They even had my ceremony photos displayed on a monitor by the time we got to the reception and my guests were blown away by how beautiful all of the pictures were. Everyone has raved about them since. I would recommend Mike Naddeo Weddings to anyone looking to have amazing, unique, and quality photos. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

-Kerri Pruitt-Bowlby, Happy Bride

Mike Naddeo Weddings created a phenomenal experience for our wedding. Not only were they organized and professional, they were also creative, fun, and made us feel like we had a friend taking care of us instead of a photographer. Their knowledge of lighting is matchless, and we were thrilled with how everything turned out. There's a reason they were our first choice.

-Ashley Peacock, Happy Groom

Mike Naddeo Weddings is a gosh darn genius, and you are a moron if you don't hire them to take your wedding photos. they made me look so good, I hardly recognized myself. But seriously, they helped me feel calm and comfortable. they were easy to work with throughout the whole process, they arrived early, and they were familiar with our venue. They captured all the important moments in unspeakable beauty. I will cherish these photos forever. Thank you so much, Mike Naddeo Weddings.

-Sarah Williams, Happy Bride

HUGE thank you to Mike Naddeo and James Nelson for doing such a fantastic job at our wedding! They were so fantastic and made the day that much more fun for everyone! :) Mike is so talented, and I can't wait to see the rest of the photos! Thank you, thank you!!!

-Ashley Bourgeois, Happy Bride